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Mount Timpanogos, Utah

We are looking for other photographers who have that desire to help people take their work to the next level.

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Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

This blog is meant to bring information in a fun way. If you had a fun experience with what you learned. Send an email, and share them with us.

KareKare Beach, New Zealand

We understand following the tutorials of professional photographers can be daunting. That is why we do our best to create simple steps for you to be an expert.

Gear you Need
  1. A good Camera.
  2. A good bag to carry all lenses that you will need.
  3. A good tripod
  4. A good notebook that you can take notes of what settings you will need.
  5. A planner to have your schedule written down somewhere.

  • “Photography is the art of making memories tangible.”
    – Destin Sparks


Remember success is not derived from the amount of likes, comments, or followers you get. Success comes from your love and passion for the photo you are wanting to take.

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Welcome to the AmericanLivingKiwi! We are here to help you create amazing landscape photos, and dive into the beginning stages of photography.

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